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Valeton - MOON ECHO Hybrid Delay [DISPLAY UNIT]


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  • Analog-voiced delay with digital IC chip
  • Natural, warm delay tone with nice clarity
  • True Bypass footswitch for crystal-clear signal thru
  • Aluminum-alloy die cast casingto withstand wear and tear
  • Heavy duty metal footswitch and on/off status LED
  • 4 Easy-to-read, readily accessible knobs
  • Pristine tone with low noise level
  • Unique TONE knob for further tone shaping


Product Description: 
E.LEVEL: Controls the wet signal level
TIME: Controls the delay time
Tone: Controls the delay tone
REGEN: Controls the delay feedback (repeats)


Max. Delay Time: 500ms
Power:9V DC center negative
Current Consumption:40mA
Dimensions:93mm (D) x 50mm (W) x 46.5mm (H)


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