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Valeton - GPB-1 (GP-200 Gig Bag)


Valeton GPB-1 (GP-200 Gig Bag)

Aimed  for  an  all-around  protective  briefcase  specifically  designed  for  carrying  your  GP-200  around  the  world,  the  GP-200  Bag  is  the  perfect  accommodation  for  transporting  your  go-to  pedal  gear  and  essential  accessories.  Durable,  water-proof  Oxford  cloth  exterior  and  sturdy  metal  zipper  are  ready  for  the  long-lasting  heavy  duty.  The  GP-200  Bag  consists  of  2  main  layers  of  space,  fitting  both  a  GP-200  Multi-effects  processor  and  a  13-inch  laptop.  2  other  accessory  pockets  are  for  carrying  power  supplies,  cables,  capos  and  picks.


  • Specifically  designed  for  GP-200,  also  applicable  for  smaller-size  effect  units,  a  mini  pedalboard  or  a  13-inch  laptop.
  • Double  layers  of  space  and  2  accessory  pockets  capacity
  • Extra-thickened  soft  padding  to  ensure  scratch  resistence
  • Ergo  grip  carry  handle
  • Durable, water-proof Oxford cloth exterior and sturdy metal zipper 


** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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