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Valeton - Dapper Mini


Dapper Mini is a seriously potent effects strip with all the

essentials for guitar. This mini strip has everything you need:



First in line is a stealth fast and accurate tuner so you can play

confidently in tune.



The DRIVE module is an overdrive/distortion combo. Use the toggle

to select between slick honey and mean dirt. In OD mode, you get a

warm, thick overdrive; in DIST mode, you get that classic British high

gain sound.



Plunge into the CHORUS module to take your sound to a brave new

world. Fine tune the onboard rate and depth knobs to beef up your

cleans or give some extra body to your drives.



Use the analog-voiced DELAY module to beef up your riffs and solos

with warm, clear repeats. Hold the footswitch to switch Tap Tempo

function on/off.



Plug your earphones into the PHONES jack for silent jams. It’s

equipped with a cab simulator, so you can run Dapper Mini right to

your headphones and sound like you're playing through a stack.



  • TUNER module with fast, accurate tuning
  • Flexible DRIVE module combines overdrive and distortion in one
  • Warm, lush CHORUS module for expanding your sound dimensions
  • Analog-voiced DELAY module with tap tempo
  • Adjustable PHONES output with built-in cab simulator


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