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[USED] Crazy Tube Circuits - Time MKII (Red)

Crazy Tube Circuits

We love what the Time pedal is capable of. Beautiful, sweeping delays, and a killer sounding tape modulation effect if you want to give it a bit of extra flavor. Not to mention the flexibility, tweak to your liking, or simply set it and forget it!

"With separate analog and digital paths to get best of both worlds, this unique sounding delay/echo will warm up your tone. An all analog signal path, featuring a Burr Brown opamp and high quality passive components, is used for the best reproduction of your dry signal.

In this second version of the pedal we extended selectable time up to one full second, added tap tempo function into three divisions (quarters, dotted eighths and triplets) plus the ability to max out the repeats (oscillate) instantly. You can also choose between true bypass of buffered bypass with trails."



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