Welcome to beatmmm!

Welcome to beatmmm!

Rombo Picks - Guitar Pick Set Rombo Horizon Eco-Black (4 Guitar Picks) - 1.4mm

Rombo Picks

The Rombo Horizon Pick Set EcoBlack (4 guitar picks) consists of:

- 4 x Rombo Horizon | 1.4 mm

The wide curvature on the body and tip allows you to slide smoothly through the guitar strings. Its curious-shaped raised hill on the body ensures splendid comfortable hold.

All picks in EcoBlack colour 100% out of pre-consumer fibre waste.


We believe shapes, materials, and textures are completely essential to fully control every chord. Guitar picks can help us achieve this.

When it comes to guitar picks there are four main attributes: thickness, shape, material, and size. These attributes define 80% percent of a guitar pick.

However, the last 20%, contains improvements, and attention to detail, making the playing experience much more comfortable, giving you better results, and a more enjoyable playing experience.

These aspects are essential to get the most out of this guitar accessory.


** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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