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Yankee - HS-M12


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Yankee HS-M12 is a professional guitar effects power supply with the ability to power almost every guitar effect available on the market. It is electronicaly advanced power supply with 8 fully isolated sections. It introduces worlds first stepless voltage regulation feature (1V – 24V DC) with the screen showing set voltage value.


Yankee HS-M12 Power Supply features:

  • 8 high current outputs in eight fully isolated sections
  • 4 outputs with groundbreaking, stepless voltage regulation feature (1V – 24V DC), adjustable by multi-turn screw. The screen on the top is showing voltage value set on each output.
  • 2 AC outputs (9V, 12V or 16V) with 1300 mA or 2000 mA max current that can also be used as 9V or 12V DC
  • USB output that can charge mobile device or power LED lamp to put some light on Your pedalboard
  • All outputs fully isolated and compatible with pedals running on 9V DC
  • Movable power socket
  • Assembled in durable aluminium housing, using highest quality material providing safety and durability
  • Powerful, highest quality Toroidal Transformer that will not cause any unwanted noise, even when put directly next to effects
  • Efficient voltage filters and stabilizers for perfect sound during whole performance
  • Overheat and short circuit protection will always keep Your effects safe
  • Fits under Pedal Train and can be easily attached to any pedalboard with screws

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