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Welcome to Beatmmm

DS Custom - T.E.O.

DS Custom

The T.E.O. is our take on one of the most iconic and mostly sought after pedals in history. The famous Klon Centaur!

Some of you might think about what T.E.O. stands for, to make it short, we decided to use an acronym here which simply means "That Expensive Overdrive".

But now, let's have a look what you can expect!

We didn't want to make a 1:1 copy of the Klon to be honest, first we thought of it, but hey, why not giving the players a bit more tweakability. That's why we split the Gain pot into two separate pots. On the original unit the Gain pots is a dual pot which controls the amount of Gain on the one hand, and the mix of clean and overdriven signal on the other hand. So here you can set both individually and get some nice in between sounds. The Blend knob adds more overdriven signal to the mixing OpAmp as you turn the knob clockwise, turning counter-clockwise adds more clean signal.

Another addition is the Bass control, which blends in another Cap which leads to more bass hitting the second OpAmp. Please note this only affects the overdriven part of the circuit and thus will be more noticeable the higher the Gain control is set.

When you look at the pedal you also notice a small toggle switch, which leads to a more usable Tone control when set to "Mod"-Position. Also you get more bass in this position which also makes the Klon less thin sounding.

So what next? Ah yeah... One of the most crucial parts, the Diodes. We used NOS Soviet diodes in here, which actually measure really close to the ones that were used in the original unit.

As the original unit, this pedal also features a buffered Bypass and uses a standard 9V Powersupply.

Please note that this pedal uses an internal Charge Pump to increase the voltage from 9V to 18V. So do NOT apply more than 9V to the DC Jack!

Power: 9V DC 25mA

Size (L x W x H): 119 x 94 x 42mm


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