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David Laboga - Tommy Emmanuel Edition (10ft)

David Laboga

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The Tommy Emmanuel Special Edition cable is great for all instruments (electric guitars, bass guitars, electro- acoustic guitars, electric pianos, keyboards… instruments connected to amplifiers, effects-pedals, etc.)

Available in various lengths and jack-options, the cable diameter is 7 mm and has a woven spiral-wound screen, enabling a high screening efficiency while decreasing any microphonics effect.

Despite a double layer of protection for maximum life- span, it is one of the most flexible cables on the market.

This cable won’t get tangled up on stage and they simply don’t break (like others). A velcro-strap is also included with longer cables.

Arrows on the jack indicate which direction to plug them in (from the source to the receiver), ensuring the best sound.

All cables are soldered with the highest grade silver- solder (4% fine silver content). The jack plugs are G&H (Ultra High Clarity) Gold Plated Plugs. The high quality/high clarity gold- plating ensures the very best connection and the highest sound-quality.


** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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