Welcome to beatmmm!

Welcome to beatmmm!

David Laboga - Tommy Emmanuel / NEW DIMENSION Series (10ft)

David Laboga

Tommy Emmanuel Special Edition / NEW DIMENSION series

Designed specially for Electro Acoustic players / Finger style.

New Dimension series, brings totally new quality, sound has better separation, more dynamic, and better low mids, what gives to the sound bigger headroom. Strings are much more sensitive for touch. Cable is in Special DL sleeve what makes the cable more durable, and its not tangled up while using.


Tommy Emmanuel / NEW DIMENSION

Since 2011, we've been making Tommy's signature guitar cables - Special Edition. Special designed for his preferences.

They have been recognized as one of the best cables for electroacoustic instruments in the market.

We have learned even more since year 2011. We make cables in the AUDIO sector for the most demanding customers of the so-called Audiophile. In 2019, we decided that we need to use our new knowledge and implement it in guitar cables, to make cables that the guitar market has not yet experienced, but this time we focused on cables dedicated for Electroacoustic Instruments, because there is no cable that will work for all styles , each style has different needs, we've created cables that support each style. And its very logical, high gain amps won’t sound good in blues, and offside .


For Tommy, we wanted to design a cable that would emphasize all of its sounds extracted from the guitar, the smallest noise, so the cable is very responsive.

Tommy can play like 3 guitarists at once, not to mention knocking etc :), so we wanted to make a cable that would be able to do in very high level separation, so that the listener and musician could hear each element separately but together, more 3D sound.

Highs more natural , more nicer for ears.

And we did it!

According to us and not only, this is one if not the best cable for electroacoustic instruments on the market. You need to test it yourself, otherwise you won't believe how much our cables can improve the sound that comes out of the guitar.

Together with Tommy, we decided to implement a new model, we called it NEW DIMENSION.

You will hear the difference from first note taken from your instrument.
The diameter is 8 mm. The plugs are plated with the 24k gold.
Just like every cable made in our manufacture DL / Tommy Emmanuel - New Dimension is soldered with 4% extra silver and it is made of highest quality parts available in the market.

It has a woven spiral wound screen which decreases the microphonic effect and there is a high efficiency of screening . Also, the cable is double protected by a special tube to give it the maximum lifespan. Even though it is heavily protected, it is one of the most flexible cables on the market in it’s class. These combinations provide a cable that doesn’t get tangled up (like others on stage) and they simply don’t break. Additionally used Pearl sleeve which make the cable even more reliable. Beside the killer sound it has a killer look to!

Cables are equipped with Velcro tie.




** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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