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Welcome to Beatmmm

David Laboga - Precision Series (10ft) [Limited Edition]

David Laboga


Most recommended for Electric guitar player. Natural sound more than ever of your guitar.

Style we dedicated that series is from Blues, Pop, Rock to Hard Rock.

Perfection Gold ( older series )  is the very first series of cables which we’ve created in our manufacture. Everything's started from that cable. Our purpose was to design cable which will be the answer for expectations of professional musicians. And so it is. Cables from the Perfection Gold series are used by artists like Al Di Meola, Steve Stevens, Eric Gales, Tommy Emmanuel and many others. And that is why we are so proud of this perfect, firstborn golden child.

Since 2018 we started to make cables for AUDIO HIFI market, its totally new bar of quality.
In 2019 we decided to use some of our patents from the Audio , and to try to develop a new bar of guitar cables, something that will change the game in the music market.

In 2020 we finished our new line of cables / PRECISION
We work on this new line more then 12 months, and we are proud to say, this new PRECISION is knockout every guitar cable, and differences in sound is HUGE, not small, not BIG , HUGE ! .

Cables from PRECISION series delivers JUICY and selective tone with AMAZING LOW MIDS wich makes the sound FAT. The highs are more natural which means that sound is very nice for ears ( it don't has the " DUST " in highs ) / AMAZING SWEET HIGHS ! .  Cables from PRECISION series gives fully professional tone which is the main attribute of DL products.

Right now, our endorsers ( Steve Lukather , Eric Gales, Steve Stevens etc.. ) going to replace all cables to the new PRECISION series, after testing them, because even with our older series, the differences in sound is HUGE ! when the older series where already amazing !
This cable is perfectly suited to styles : BLUES / POP / ROCK to HARD ROCK
( for heavier styles we are recommending the SELECTIVE PRO series.)

While designing PRECISION cable we decided to build it by using directional technology so it means that the signal goes from the sound source to the receiver. The connection should be done according to arrows signed on the jacks.
The directional technology is combined with the highest quality parts available in the market. The plugs are G&H. Every cable made in our manufacture as standard is soldered with 4% extra silver.

The diameter of this PRECISION cable is 8 mm. It has a woven spiral wound screen which decreases the microphonics effect and there is a high efficiency of screening. Also, the cable is double protected by a special tube to give it the maximum lifespan. Even though it is heavily protected, it is one of the most flexible cables on the market in it’s class. PRECISION has additional sleeve on the cable which make the cable even more reliable. These combinations provide a cable that doesn’t get tangled up (like others on stage) and they simply don’t break. We care about every detail so the longer cables are equipped with velcro tie to ease and speed up the winding process. 

Comes with G&H plugs (USA) and velcro tie.

Demo :


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