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[DISPLAY UNIT] David Laboga - Modern Series (10ft)

David Laboga

Modern Series

Cables dedicated for Heavy Style and great for Musicians who play Modern Lead style.

Modern series is younger brother of the Metal series. Cable is in additional sleeve, what make it even more durable and more Flexible from the Metal series.


Modern series is a hybrid between Selective PRO series, and Metal Series.

Generally we recommend that cables for all electric Instruments with push on the Heavier style / Hard Rock .

Sound become more selective and more open with fast response.

You will hear the difference from first note taken from your guitar.

The diameter of DL MODERN Series cable is 8 mm. The plugs are plated with the 24 karat gold. Just like every cable made in our manufacture DL MODERN is soldered with 4% extra silver and it is made of highest quality parts available in the market. Longer cables are equipped with Velcro tie.

It has a woven spiral wound screen which decreases the microphonic effect and there is a high efficiency of screening . Also, the cable is double protected by a special tube to give it the maximum lifespan. Even though it is heavily protected, it is one of the most flexible cables on the market in it’s class. These combinations provide a cable that doesn’t get tangled up (like others on stage) and they simply don’t break. Additionally used Black / RED sleeve which make the cable even more reliable. Beside the killer sound it has a killer look to!

DL MODERN cables are not directional like most of our cables.

WHY DL MODERN ? Because this cable delivers selective and really punchy tone. It’s characterized with high clarity. Also if You’re the maniac of serious down tuning metal genres it is your basic MUST HAVE.

DL MODERN Series will give You fully professional sound which is the main attribute of every product made by DL manufacture.

DL MODERN Series is no-comprise product proudly made in Poland.

** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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