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David Laboga - Metal Series (10ft)

David Laboga

DL Metal Series cable is the younger brother of their firstborn DL Perfection Gold cable. But sometimes younger brothers becomes stronger and tougher than his older siblings. And that’s what happened in their family. DL Metal Series grew up and now it bites with a big dose of venom. So get freaking ready for bigger punch and even more selectivity. Your guitar signal will be armed with tight tone which will deliver fast response. Simply your sound will have bigger bolls. That is what You will get when You’ll plug cable from DL Metal Series into your amplifier. You will hear the difference from first note taken from your guitar. This cable is designed for musicians who play genres of METAL but if You are a rock musician this is also a product for You.

The diameter of DL Metal Series cable is 7 mm. The plugs are plated with the 24 karat gold. Just like every cable made in their manufacture DL Metal is soldered with 4% extra silver and it is made of highest quality parts available in the market. Longer cables are equipped with Velcro tie. This naughty kid comes in black so beside the killer sound it has a killer look to!

DL Metal cables are not directional like most of our cables. Why? Because this is Metal! There is no freaking time for that. Just plug and rock!

How about pedalboards? No problem! You will be able to build your killer tone using many pedals but from now on there will be no such thing like losing sharpness of your signal quality. How it is possible? Because DL Metal Series is also available as the patch cables. With DL Metal Series losing signal quality is no longer the problem.

WHY DL METAL ? Because this cable is even more selective than any product available in the market. Cables from DL Metal Series delivers selective and really punchy tone. It’s characterized with high clarity. Also if You’re the maniac of serious down tuning metal genres it is your basic MUST HAVE.

DL Metal Series will give You fully professional sound which is the main attribute of every product made by DL manufacture. 
DL Metal Series is no-comprise product proudly made in Poland.

If You are wondering where You can hear the best samples of the DL Metal sound You should simply buy a CD or the ticket for a concert of bands such as MOTOHEAD and VADER because these artists uses cables from DL Metal Series!


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