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Welcome to Beatmmm

David Laboga - Energy Series (1.8m)

David Laboga


POWER CORD - AC - dedicated for all Guitar and Bass TUBE AMPLIFIERS

That cable will give you better dynamic, better separation, better highs - more pleasant. Cable is in additional sleeve, what make it even more durable and more Flexible.

PLUG type: UK - 13A with Fuse

Length: 1.8m / 5.90 ft

Our experience from our audiophile market shown us that Power Cable is one of the most important cables in the chain. We designed more then 14 different power cables and each of them has its own character. Since Guitar Pro market is our Mother Nature :) we had to do something for musicians, to give higher level of the sound that can be achieved by power cords as well.

We are doing our best from more than 15 years with instrumental cables, we made dedicated cables for a style, many people also doubted and laughed of it, but not after testing, they bought it!
We made two kinds of XLR cables, depend what and where you want to connect them, we made special Bass guitar cables for bass players and more.. all that to give you the best possible sound you can get from your gear ! Most of you have very expensive amps / guitars etc.. and you must know that potential of your sound is way higher than you think !
Check the power cable, Make your own opinion ! Decide if you want to go to the next level.

Energy series is a cable that was designed specially for musicians. For tube amps, High Power amps but one important thing, not for amps class D, we found these amps are not sensitive for higher quality power cables, the differences are small.
However all other amps, sources, mixers etc.. also as main cable to the power conditioner, YES, it’s also upgrading the sound of the KEMPER devices integrated with power amp, if your Kemper is not integrated, and you are using different power amp ( not class D ) you must have this cable, it will make the difference that you want, you are not awareness that you can get such upgrade.

So before trying to overthrow it, or listing to ppl who work in the electricity industry etc… that it’s not possible, that power cable can’t do anything to the sound, as musician to musician , TRY.

We are speaking about sound here, it’s made to improve the sound!

Try, if you won’t be happy from the results, send it back and you will get your money back! But TRY.

Our power cables are used already by best musicians in the world! Few of them are Steve Stevens, Steve Lukather, 4tus ( Guns N’ Roses ), Guy Fletcher ( Dire Straits )and more ..

All of them with their professional guitar tech heard the differences and they were in shock how OUR power cables can change the sound for good !

Energy series will bring you a new live in your sound.
Your dynamics will improve, better separation of sounds, articulation, better highs, they will be less annoying, which in turn will make the sound more pleasant.
The cables are in additional sleeve for extra protection.

Hand Crafted in Poland



Demo : 


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