Welcome to beatmmm!

Welcome to beatmmm!

David Laboga - Bass Series (15ft) - Black

David Laboga

While traveling the journey of bringing spirit to the sound our next stop was the bass stop. We decided that we will initiate a king of duality according to building instrumental cables. The concept was to split the case of cables designing into a separated categories. First one was the guitar cables and the second one was the bass cables.

We knew that we want to create product dedicated for the bass players. Our plan was to design the cable which would be a kind of combo giving variety of the tone. And so it is. We built the Bass Series – cable designed only for bass players and especially for bass players. We created the solution that no one did before. TWO cables in ONE – this is DL Bass Series.

How is it possible?
This cable has the ROCK plug and the PUNCH plug. It means that this cable is built according to the directional technology so the type of the tone You are receiving depends on which plug You will connect into the instrument. The ROCK and the PUNCH directions are marked on the jack plugs.

When You will use the ROCK plug it will deliver natural warm sound. It is the classic style of bass sound. You will be shocked how warm and selective it is in the same time.

The PUNCH plug will bring different tone. It has less bass but more mids and highs. It means that the this tone will be perfectly suites into the modern styles. It is great for rock and metal bass sound.

So depending on what You want to play, connect your cable in the proper way and enjoy the impressions provided by DL Bass Series.

The diameter of this cable is 7 mm. Just like every cable made in our manufacture DL Bass Series is soldered with 4% extra silver and it is made of highest quality parts available in the market. Longer cables are equipped with Velcro tie. DL Bass Series comes with TechFlex Sleeve which makes the cables very flexible.

DL Bass Series cable deliver professional sound which is the main attribute of every product made by DL manufacture. As all cables in DL family this product has a LIFETIME Warranty.
DL Bass Series cable is no-comprise product proudly made in Poland.

This product is the revelation available in the market of bass cables. We give You TWO solutions of creating your bass tone available in ONE cable. DL Bass Series is all You need to define your own unique bass sound




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