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Welcome to Beatmmm

Creation Music Company - Custom MIDI Cable - Angle/Angle (24 inches)

Creation Music Company

Custom Midi Cable - Right Angle/Right Angle

Our midi cables are awesome. Like, really awesome. We've been making these for wiring setups for years and are happy to finally be able to offer them as a standard offering on our website.

Here's why we believe ours are extra awesome. We've seen similar cables around and they're not bad, but they use a really thick midi cable. For pedalboards, a flexible cable is where it's at, and CMC-65 is excellent quality and flexibility.

- Hand soldered by humans
- Flexible Creation CMC-65 Midi Cable
- Rotating switchcraft right angle ends

How we measure our cables - 
We measure our cables by the distance between the actual edge of the plug to the edge of the opposite plug. This INDLUDES the strain relief boot.



** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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