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Crazy Tube Circuits - TI:ME

Crazy Tube Circuits

Inspired by the first digital delay rack units introduced at the beginning of the “digital audio revolution” in the mid-late 70's. These units had lower bit resolution and bandwidth compared to today's digital delay standards.

TI:ME is not your typical sterile and ultra clean digital delay. With separate analog and digital paths to get best of both worlds, this retro inspired echo effect will warm up your tone. An all analog signal path featuring a high quality opamp is used for the best reproduction of your dry signal. Two digital recording devices, along with carefully tuned filtering, placed in parallel with the dry path give you the most ambient delay unit you have ever heard. Think of a Model 113™ rack unit; the repeats are really musical, reminiscent of worn tape echoes.

Each TI:ME unit is hand lacquered in copper colour and one of a kind!

Controls : 

  • m/sec : adjust the delay time from 130ms to 720ms. The delayed signal gets degraded at higher delay times.
  • mix : set the amount of the wet (delayed) signal
  • feed : adjust the number of repeats. Maxed up the pedal will oscillate.
  • tone : brighten or darken the delay repeats.
  • mod : set the rate/intensity of delay trails modulation.
  • bypass footswitch : bypass or engage the effect.
  • tap/hold footswitch : set the time between the repeats according to the tapped tempo. The last two taps will be stored to give the desired tempo. Tap tempo ranges from 130ms to 1 full second.


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