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Crazy Tube Circuits - Limelight

Crazy Tube Circuits

Limelight is a fuzz / distortion unit designed to pay tribute to the first commercially available fuzz, its british derivatives and their offsprings. While not a part for part clone of any of these designs, the sound is all there and then some. A beam control morphs from nasty “satisfaction” gated fuzz up to mkI / II style fuzz distortion.

But there is more than that. Limelight is probably the first fuzz pedal to have extraordinary low gain boost sounds. Set gain at minimum settings, beam all the way up and drive your amp to sonic bliss.  All analog! We hand select 3 New Old Stock Black Glass Germanium transistors for each pedal ensuring ideal performance and consistency.



Gain: set the desired gain level.

Volume: set the output of the effect.

Beam: alters the voicing of the fuzz effect. On lower settings the sound is gated reminiscent of the first commercially available fuzz while on higher settings you'll get more body and sustain. Please note that it is perfectly normal to crackle when adjusted.

Built with the best components available, features true-bypass and operates with 9V battery or external 9V DC regulated power supply ( - centre, + ring ). Max current consumption 7ma @ 9V DC. Using a power supply of 12V DC or more may cause severe damage to the pedal.


Note: Limelight is a positive ground circuit. Do not use a daisy chain power supply with negative ground effects.




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