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COVENANTS CABLES - Remnant PRO | 1/4" TS Cable (Straight - Right Angle)


Our most popular signature cable: The [CC] Remnant Guitar Cable. Inspired by the design of our insanely popular BTPA CA-0678 tech-flex cables and with the advice of some friends, we came up with what we believe to be the most beautiful looking (and sounding) cable out there. So we got to work and put together a deal with one of the best USA cable manufacturers in the nation and have developed a cable with only a 20pF/foot capacitance rating while boasting a light weight but super durable frame. The Remnant Pro will last you years of incredible tone while hordes of jealous friends will want one too. 


[CC] Remnant Instrument Cabling
  • Capacitance at 1kHz, 20C: 20pF/Ft
  • Boutique attention to detail | Made in the U.S.A.
  • Black Tech Flex prevent tangles and adds durability

Amphenol ACPM Gold Connectors
  • Heavy duty all metal outer black shell 
  • Gold contacts for better sound quality

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