Welcome to beatmmm!

Welcome to beatmmm!

LOOPI PEDALS - Amp Volume Box


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Have you just bought a tube amp but find that you can’t turn it up past 2 without your ear bleeding?

Get cranked amp tone at studio or bedroom volume.

The Loopi Pedals Amp Volume Box lets you expand your amp’s range of usable volume & dial in much more “open” & “driven tube” tones at lower/more manageable volumes (without driving your bandmates/neighbors/significant others crazy!).

You just put the Amp Volume Box in the effects loop, turn up the amp’s volume, drive, EQ, and/or gain controls to the tone you really want, and then use the box to set the overall sound you’ve achieved at the exact volume you need. It’s that easy.

This will work with almost any amp, provided that you have an effects loop.   Just plug into your “Effects Send” and “Effects Return”.  It requires no batteries, so it will never stop working.  And it WILL NOT harm your amp in any way.

Another advantage is that this box is completely passive as does not need power.

This is the most cost effective investment you can make for your amp, A great way to discover a whole new range of tones on your amplifier!


** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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