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Analysis Plus - AMMO (12ft)

Analysis Plus

The AMMO Instrument Cable w/ ST-90 Bullet Plugs uses only real gunshot hollowed out and cleaned shells from firearms blasted in the USA! All Ammo cables are handmade and assembled one at a time for 100% accuracy and perfect precision and are designed to bring determined accuracy in the guitar's signal path. Every cable is a bit different because of the "total hands on" process Ammo Cables use.

The Ammo Cable is 100% fully made, built, and assembled by hand in the USA using Analysis Plus patented stacked hollow design, which reduces noise and gives your guitar signal the fastest rise time to your amp! It also has three 18 AWG conductors for a very low resistance. With the hollow oval design it has the lowest inductance of any guitar cable on earth! You are are armed with copper plugs and real fired brass .45/.90 gauge bullets! Get one today for your guitar arsenal and start firing away!

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