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divine noise - TRS cable (1ft)

divine noise

Our TRS cable is the exact same as our XLR cable - just a different application! What makes our TRS stereo cable different from all others on the market is it has two 20 AWG stranded center conductor cables WITH double spiraled shielding. The spiraled shielding (instead of braided) makes for a flatter laying and easier coiling cable. These two 20 AWG conductors give you a more of your signal. This may seem like bologna but size and maneuverability are essential parts of getting the best (and most reliable) signal from your instruments to its audience.

  • Our proprietary 2x 20 AWG stranded center conductor, a double spiral shield providing 98% coverage. Semi-conductive PVC covering reduces Tribo-Electric Noise and provides clean, low-noise performances, without microphonics.
  • The oxygen free copper used in our cables delivers the purest sound quality while remaining flexible and noise free
  • Thick (.280"), heavy-duty PVC outer jacket.
  • Every cable is soldered by hand using the highest quality silver solder.
  • We use Switchcraft TRS Right Angle and G&H TRS Straight
  • Completely made by hand in Portland, OR USA.



** Shipping Cost to Hong Kong and Macau will be charged by SF Express (Pay by receiver)

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