Welcome to Beatmmm

Welcome to Beatmmm

Why buy a Shabat Guitar?

November 18, 2020

There are no shortcuts in crafting the perfect guitar. That’s why we take the time to ensure that everything comes together perfectly to create an everlasting instrument. We believe in conserving the classic guitar formulas that worked—and are still working today—but at the same time, perfect the imperfections that accompany many vintage instruments.

The result is a remarkable, consistent array of electric instruments that boast vintage vibe and feel combined with modern stability and comfort of use.


Wood Selection Shabat Guitars are made from the best and most stable tonewoods available today, perfectly selected and dried for optimal resonance, sustain and stability.



Finish We take the time and effort, in-house, to hand-spray a thin nitrocellulose lacquer to all of our guitars. The properties of nitrocellulose are ideal for creating a timeless, beautiful finish that ages with you, becoming warmer and more distinguished as the years go by.



Neck Shape All Shabat Guitars necks are hand-rasped, hand-sanded and hand-scraped for optimal feel and comfort. The sense of “home” that our necks offer simply cannot be duplicated—the neck is your literal connection to the instrument, so we put in the time and effort it takes to make it feel just right.



Single-Action Truss Rod A single-action truss rod is not only optimal for tone transfer and definition, but it’s the only way to ensure the optimal neck stability against climate changes—so that’s the only way we do it. We handcraft our own truss rods and install them, rattle-free, through the back of the neck.



Lollar Pickups We exclusively use Lollar pickups to amplify the finest acoustic qualities from each electric instrument, without coloring the natural sound of the tonewoods in any particular way.



Hardware and Electronics As a crucial part of not only the tone of the instrument, but the tuning stability as well, Shabat Guitars use only the best hardware materials available. A guitar should be built simply and functional, just like a great tool—the rest is in your hands.


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